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Why Your Business Needs a Podcast

By September 20, 2019June 8th, 2020Podcasts

Podcasts are one of the newest forms of entertainment. They are trending right now and currently, there are over 700,000 active podcasts. Podcasts exist for many reasons. People make podcasts about true crime stories, how our society is doing, comedy, lifestyles, etc. Often times though, many businesses don’t realize that podcasts are a great source of outreach. Here’s why your business needs a podcast.

Build a bigger and more personal audience

By making a podcast, you reach out to more than just your normal audience. By posting podcasts on applications such as Spotify and iTunes, businesses can build a following of listeners. Through podcasts, you’re able to give your business a personal touch. Listeners often feel like they build rapport with who is speaking when they listen to a podcast even though it’s a one-sided medium. 

Podcasts are easy to produce

Your business doesn’t need fancy equipment to produce a podcast! All you need is a recording device and a computer with editing software. From there, hit the record button and you’re on your way to producing your business’s first podcast. As mentioned above, applications like Spotify, iTunes, and Soundcloud are easy enough to build your business’s podcast following. 

It’s a great addition to your marketing mix

Most businesses use Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube to market themselves. By adding a podcast to your business, you’re increasing your reach. Podcast listeners almost always subscribe to the podcast that they’re listening to. Just like other forms of marketing, others will recommend your podcasts to those they feel will like it.

Podcasts are very helpful for businesses. They’re great for marketing and building a personal relationship with your audience. Podcasts are continuing to grow and are great because they’re something someone can listen to on their commutes while cooking, or even just while they’re at the gym. Big Red Jelly is currently making its debut into the podcast industry and is utilizing all of the information listed above to build itself into a steady podcast.