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Wix Online Tool Setup: Addressing Specific Website Needs

By July 1, 2022July 26th, 2022Design, Technology, Website

As an industry agnostic branding and web design agency, Big Red Jelly has seen it all when it comes to unique client needs. We have successfully helped hundreds of companies grow their business through strategic branding, creative website design, and online tool setup to promote online business growth. However, we know that in order to help clients reach their full potential, we can’t do it alone.

In 2018, Wix and Big Red Jelly partnered together to help small business owners create a powerful digital presence. Because of the creativity and flexibility that Wix offers to online businesses of all sorts, Big Red Jelly has met the unique needs of many clients in a variety of industries. 

Recently, our team encountered a few particular situations where there wasn’t a clear path forward to accomplish the business owner’s goals. A little creative problem solving and flexibility went a long way.

Real Estate | Leading Edge

Take Leading Edge, for example. Leading Edge is a consulting agency that helps Real Estate Agents get their individual businesses up and running. Within their robust marketing services, a website crafted for each agent is included. This is where Big Red Jelly and Wix come in. To make the process easier for Leading Edge and their clients, the Build team at Big Red Jelly designed numerous website templates on Wix, allowing the clients at Leading Edge to easily look through and select the one that best fits their needs and style. Because the templates have already been created, the website design process is quick and seamless. Content can easily be switched out, and before long, these real estate agents have their own branded websites up and running. Each site has a blog, a contact form, and even a unique “search home listings” tool to meet the needs of the industry. 

Naomi, one of the website builders who oversaw this process, said, “This project has allowed us to establish a great client relationship with Leading Edge! We’re able to work together efficiently because of the flexibility of Wix and our ability to create.”

By utilizing Wix’s online tools, Big Red Jelly provided Leading Edge and each of their clients with functional and custom websites which continues to strengthen their ongoing partnership. When it comes to growing a business, it’s important to never underestimate the power of partnership.

Nightly Rentals | DTW Crashpad

Another unique industry that Big Red Jelly recently worked with is the nightly rental space. DTW Crashpad provides affordable and comfortable accommodations exclusively for airline stewardesses. 

To reach the vision that the owner of DTW Crashpad had in mind, and to make the site functional, our team had to get creative and find solutions for the online tool setup. A special Wix feature made it possible for flight attendants to upload their badge and license to prove credibility in order to receive access to book a bed. Once they’ve accessed the booking page, the Wix Hotels app allows them to reserve their stay for as many nights as they need. 

The team faced a roadblock when searching for a way to allow visitors to book a “cold bed” for a longer duration (one full month or longer) at a discounted price––per the owner’s request. Because this was an uncommon situation, the Big Red Jelly team had to brainstorm an unconventional solution using Wix’s other features. They were up to the challenge! 

After test running a few different options, the web design team found a solution by including a form on the website that allows the guest to select a specific bed and timeline, which will then require approval by the owner, followed by a quote and invoice sent via Wix tools.

Thanks to Wix’s creative tools and Big Red Jelly’s strategic problem solving, DTW Crashpads received a fresh new site with all the necessary booking features for their unique industry.

Meeting Your Clients’ Needs

While the world of web design can be complex, there are so many possibilities yet to be discovered! Taking the road less traveled and experimenting with unconventional methods will allow you to discover limitless possibilities when setting up the online tools needed to lay a foundation for business growth. And remember, never underestimate the power of partnerships.

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