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Your Employee, The Internet: How to Make Your Website Work for You

By April 6, 2023August 1st, 2023Branding, E-Commerce, Website

Every business has a website nowadays. But have you ever stopped to ask why? Maybe you have a website or a Facebook page with nothing but your name and number that’s just collecting virtual dust. At Big Red jelly, we believe that websites need to be more than a “digital business card.” 

Your website can work for you. Here are four areas that can transform your online presence from a few lines of code in cyberspace to something that will increase conversions and grow your business.

Search Engine Optimization 

People may want to find your business as much as you want to find customers.

Dozens of people may search for cafes, auto dealerships, or physical therapists in their area. Still, your website could only fall through the cracks with the proper Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

When your site contains the keywords, phrases, and links your audience is searching for, it will be among the first results. Careful analysis of a page’s performance reveals unique trends and insights that can help you adapt your marketing both on and offline. 

Many SEO strategies can help your site slowly climb the ranks of search results, gathering attention for your website. 


What can people do on your website? If you want visitors to take action when they view your site, you must provide a way for them to act. Reading is good, but if they can read and then schedule an appointment, call for a quote, or order a product with a single tap, they’ll be more likely to follow through. 

It is helpful to make acting as easy as possible for the user. Rather than a simple number, provide a link that takes the work out of dialing. The experience your customers have on your sites shapes their expectations for real-world interaction. When you’re site is easy to navigate, up to date, and an overall pleasant experience, that reflects well on your company. 

Social Media

You don’t have to be an “influencer” to have an influence. Social media is a fantastic tool for seeking out and connecting with your audience. You don’t have to worry about going viral, but it can be a great place to present your brand and company values. It’s a setting where your audience feels like they can get to know you as people, not just a name.

Consumers are increasingly turning to social media to learn about businesses. Younger audiences are beginning to search for brands they’re interested in on platforms like Instagram. Some people check social media before they even Google! Social media can be a great way to showcase your services or products and get natural testimonials and attention from like-minded people. 


This one might be obvious, but that doesn’t make it less powerful. Advertising through social media and Google can help you spread your business awareness to people who aren’t necessarily looking for you but could be interested in what you have to offer. Web ads can help you reach the people most likely to be interested. 

Build With Big Red Jelly

The team members at Big Red Jelly are experts at creating brands and websites that optimize and improve your online presence. If you’re looking for someone to help build or rebuild a site that will serve your business, get a quote today!

Written by Avie Eichelberger