Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LTD. 

Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LTD. 

Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LTD. 

Brand Strategy & Design 

Brand Strategy & Design 

Brand Strategy & Design 

Canyon creek business card design floating mockup - design project by Big Red Jelly

Brand Strategy, Design and Implementation

Although part of an industry that can be complicated and difficult to understand, Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LLC was enjoyable to bring to life. Brainstorming an effective way to vitalize a company that’s part of an otherwise “boring” industry was a great time for the Big Red Jelly team. After digging deeper into the personality of the brand, we were finally able to hone in on the perfect icon.

Canyon creek redesigned website - branding and new build project by Big Red Jelly

Brand Positioning

Being inclusive, transparent, unique, and engaging was the initial goal of this branding project with Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LLC, while also demonstrating professionalism, trustworthiness, and their promise of impactful results within the industry. Positioning themselves in the market as a youthful company amongst a sea of normal, matter-of-fact companies was the way to go for this unique advisement company.

  • Initial Audience Research
  • Name Research
  • Domain & Social Media Handle Selection
  • Sub Brand and Parent Branding

Internal & External Brand Messaging

We wanted to strike a balance between approachable and professional with this brand. We did this by putting ourselves in the shoes of Canyon Creek’s clients, creating authenticity in their voice to instill trust, and focusing on specific words throughout their brand messaging.

  • Internal Brand Messaging
  • External Brand Messaging
  • Custom Logo
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Typography, Color Scheme, Imagery
  • Business Brand Assets
Canyon Creek brand style guide mockup page logos and colors by Big Red Jelly
Canyon creek company logo design by graphic designers at Big Red Jelly.

Visual Brand Design

After their brand positioning and brand messaging, we got to work on the initial logo concepts and visual direction. The finalized logo uses lines that represent mountains, as well as stock lines, all while inside of a square to represent stability. The cyan color was chosen to represent security, safety, and trustworthiness as well as financial growth and vitality.

Brand Deliverables and Implementation

After clearly identifying their ideal clientele, our experts were able to develop effective core messaging and brand visuals that would turn viewers into loyal future customers.

The Final Product

Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LLC, now equipped with a beautiful and new brand, was ready to launch and show-off their brand identity that had the original goal of showcasing their trustworthiness while still being unique. The liveliness of this new brand is sure to encourage his target audience to trust them with their investment consultant needs.

Canyon creek new brand style guide organization - branding project by Big Red Jelly

Branding that helps your business grow

Canyon Creek brand style guide mockup page fonts and media assets at Big Red Jelly
Brand Research

We first explore your purpose, target market, business goals and industry to better position your brand for optimal growth and success.

Internal Brand Messaging

Before any visual branding or marketing you must clearly understand WHO you are as a company and solidify that vision in a succinct way.

External Brand Messaging

After developing your internal brand and understanding WHO you are, your business is in a better place to highlight your unique value propositions and connect with the right clients.

Brand Design

Finally, we can put pen to paper and design captivating visuals that attract, convert and keep your ideal customers and clients.


81% of customers need to trust a brand before making a purchase


Consistent branding can increase revenue by up to 23%


59% of consumers are more likely to purchase a new product from a brand they're already familiar with

We understand that branding is about evoking a specific emotional response in customers, whether that be loyalty, love, comfort, or something else entirely. Through careful consideration of the brand's values, messaging, and visual identity, we were able to create a compelling brand that effectively communicates the essence of Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LLC and connects with its ideal customers.

Naomi JohnsonBrand Strategist

The Big Red Jelly Difference

At Big Red Jelly, we take a holistic approach to branding that combines our proven process with top-notch talent and expertise. We believe that great branding not only looks stunning, but also drives real business results. When working on Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LLC, we began by reverse engineering from the core of their business to uncover their “why” and develop a compelling story, vision, and aesthetic that would resonate with their ideal customers.

Our process starts with a blank canvas discovery phase where we dive deep into their audience, industry, founder vision, and employee thoughts, among other key factors. From there, we transition into strategy, aligning our teams, tools, and resources to the project at hand. Before even touching on the visual aspect of branding, we prioritize developing a strong internal and external brand messaging that accurately represents the company’s values and mission.

Finally, we put pen to paper to design the visual identity that Canyon Creek Investment Advisors, LLC deserves. We pride ourselves on delivering world-class branding experiences that are truly breathtaking, and we are confident that our work on this project will help the company attract the right types of customers and keep them coming back for more. Choose Big Red Jelly for a branding experience that will make a real impact on your business.

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