Chestly Lunday 

Chestly Lunday 

Chestly Lunday 

Personal Brand Design 

Personal Brand Design 

Personal Brand Design 

Chestly lunday mobile web design mockup

Captivating Personal Brand Website Design

Chestly Lunday is an expert in Innovative Leadership. Highly regarded as an international speaker, coach, and consultant, he helps churches and companies lead in the digital age. Big Red Jelly created a captivating website to increase conversions and spread Chestly Lunday’s message.

Chestly lunday website front page design - wordpress wix designer for small business

Unique Branding and Online Platforms

As a growing personal brand, Chestly needed the ability to offer seamless online services to his large following. His website was transformed into an online hub that allows online booking, downloadable guides, online video courses and so much more. Now Chestly’s website serves as a powerful online tool that helps him network, teach, consult and grow his business with his audience.

  • Brand Discovery
  • Ideal Client Research
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Visuals
  • Website Design and Development

Brand Framework

Chestly wanted to follow the StoryBrand framework for his website home page layout and general brand message. Our team of Brand Experts is well versed in the StoryBrand framework and how to bring that message to life for various industries and clients. 

  • StoryBrand framework
  • Internal brand messaging
  • External brand messaging
  • Website copywriting
  • Brand copywriting
Chestly website computer and mobile build project mockup
Chestly mobile mockup blog design and content marketing by Big Red Jelly

Mobile Optimized

Most of Chestly’s website visitors are finding him on mobile device, which is common today. So, of course, we designed and developed his WordPress website to be mobile optimized. In fact, we developed mobile-specific rows and sections so the mobile experience on his website would be seamless, engaging and high converting for his audience.

Custom Branding, Web Design, Online Training and More!

Bringing all of these elements together, Chestly now has a captivating personal brand that he can be proud of, that is paired with a powerful website that he uses every day to grow his audience and business.

The Final Product

With a custom Brand Guide, WordPress website and unique online tool stack, Chestly’s personal brand is growing faster now than ever before. Through our proven Bran, Build, Grow process he can now focus more time on growing his brand while his new online foundation accelerates his business growth.

Website staging scaled view - website design building and development by Big Red Jelly.

We want to tell you how HAPPY we are with our new name, brand and website and from the very first step until now. Your team has been so incredibly great to work with and we have had a top notch experience as your client. Well done to you and your team!

Lacey CherringtonCo-Founder

Branding and web design that helps your business grow

Chestly lunday computer website mockup of landing page
Brand Messaging

We implemented the StoryBrand messaging framework throughout the Brand Guide and website.

Powerful Online Tools

We setup and integrated Calendly, Gravity Forms, Online Calendars, Online Video Courses, Website Lead Magnets and more!

Growth Strategy

As part of our proven process, our Growth Strategy team helped trained Chestly and his team on how to use and implement his new brand, website and online tools going forward.

Optimized for Conversions

Everything we do has a purpose. For Chestly, we made sure we kept his conversion rate in mind, his website now converts 75% more traffic than his previous versions.


Shared Values Account for 64% of Brand Relationships


A ‘Signature Color’ for Your Brand Boosts Recognition By 80%


You Have 7 Seconds to Make Your First Impression

If you've felt a certain type of reaction, loyalty, love, comfort when viewing a particular product, that is branding. When we work with our clients, we always start with a blank slate and develop a brand from the ground up, so you can connect with your idea customers and grow!

Naomi JohnsonBuild Strategist

The Big Red Jelly Difference

Whether you are a startup, small business, advanced client or corporation, we always start with a blank canvas and create a custom brand and website. Our proven process remains the same, and helps guarantee the best chance for marketing and advertising growth. Working with Chestly was a pleasure, when we first started we knew we had to spend extra time in his Brand Discovery phase so that we could identify his ideal client, where they go online, how they shop, what they like etc. Using analytics, surveys and his feedback, we were able to clarify a core brand message that would attract his ideal client like never before.

With a clear brand vision now developed, it is much easier to develop the brand messaging, brand visuals and build a website that showcases this message to the world. Chestly is a teacher, thought leader and entrepreneur. Therefore, his brand, website, content and message needed to highlight those qualities quickly and clearly to his audience. We achieved this goal, and now Chestly is growing his personal brand business faster than ever before!

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