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3 Marketing Integrations Every Website Needs To Optimize Conversion Rate In 2022

By September 12, 2022September 14th, 2023Blog, Marketing, Small Business, Technology, Website, Zach Webber

When you’re getting started marketing your business online you need to make sure that your site is set up for success by integrating your website with powerful digital tools. You might call them integrations, digital tools, marketing automations, or anything in between, but in the end, choosing the right ones can make or break your user’s experiences on your site and greatly impact your conversion rate.

Customer Relationship Management

You NEED to be using a tool that automates and organizes your customer’s information. You should be setting up marketing automations that send an auto-response when forms are completed, when shopping carts are abandoned, when a meeting is booked, and when they live chat with your chatbot. A properly structured customer relationship management tool can help build your relationships with your clients even while you sleep. You can implement a CRM into your website by embedding their lead forms, connecting it to your store/checkout, and some even offer a live-chat integration that allows you to add pre-programmed questions and answers for potential customers. One of our favorites, and one we recommend to our clients is Constant Contact.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is a great entry-level CRM that lets you set up all sorts of marketing automations. You can set up drip-campaigns to help nurture soft leads or you can create custom thank-you automations when customers complete certain actions on your site. Gathering and storing your contacts in Constant Contact is easy and importing your existing contacts to your account is straightforward which means you can get started created and sending campaigns the same day you sign up.

Have you ever wondered how those restaurants and small businesses you work with send those automated SMS messages asking for a review after your visit? Constant Contact does all of that. You can send your current or past clients links to your blogs, portfolio, or Google My Business to leave reviews. Managing your customers and your contacts and leveraging that information to generate more traffic on your site and more reviews always leads to higher conversion rates.

Website Analytics and Tracking

Outside of setting your website up with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel (both totally free and both provide you with some really awesome data), you should consider installing a more comprehensive or powerful analytics and user tracking software on your site. Our favorite is Smartlook.


Smartlook allows their customers to track all the same variables that come with other standard analytics tools and so much more. One of the most valuable analytical tools that we use to improve website design, user-flow, and conversion rates is the ability to create heat-maps and user recordings. With Smartlook generated heat-maps, you get a visual representation of “hot spots” on your website. These hotspots are where your users tend to click more than other areas on your pages. This can give you a great idea what to change and where to send users based on their clicks to maximize your conversion rate. It’s also a great tool in identifying what we call “rage clicks”, which are design elements that LOOK like they should be clickable, but aren’t. Obviously you’ll want to reduce or even eliminate where these occur to make your user experience as smooth as possible.

Their ability to generate user recording is also extremely valuable and often times more insightful that the heat-maps. User recordings show in real-time the interaction that selected random users have with your website. This would include, where their mouse scrolls to on your page, what links they click on, how long they view content before scrolling, and more. This can give you a really solid foundational understanding of how users are interacting with the content on your pages, if it is captivating for them or even overwhelming for your visitors.

Live Chat

Website visitors are slowly becoming more and more accustomed to being able to contact sales and support directly and instantly. There are few better way to accomplish this than integrating a livechat or chatbot onto your WordPress blog or website.


Livechat is an all-in-one solution for companies or entrepreneurs looking to give their website visitors a clear and functional live-chat experience. You can style your livechat widget to look and position itself wherever you want your website and even program the livechat to include screening/qualifying questions so you can redirect users to helpful resources, FAQs or forms, instead of responding to those requests yourself.


Chatbot is another tool, powered by the same people who made Livechat that allows you to give the illusion of a livechat experience while fully automating that task for you. Chatbot can be configured to have complete and conditional responses, questions, and suggestions for users on your website. This is a great option for those who want the legitimacy that a livechat widget offers, without taking on that extra responsibility.

Wrapping It Up

To bring it all together, there are some very powerful and effective digital marketing automation tools that every business should at least consider implementing into their digital marketing strategy. It’s easier now than ever to get started with these tools, and many agencies like Big Red Jelly can even help you instal and configure your automations.

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