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5 Reasons You Should Start a Podcast to Promote Your Brand

By November 30, 2020December 9th, 2020Podcasts

In its earliest form of talk-radio, podcasts have taken the streaming world by storm. As if there weren’t enough TV shows, movies, or books to consume, now we have to catch up on our podcasts? Nowadays, you can find a podcast to cover any given topic–and then some. And in this digital age, it’s almost as easy to start a podcast as it is to listen to one. 

A podcast can be more than just an internet talk show, it is now used as a serious digital marketing tool to promote your brand. And it seems as though every brand and their dog is taking advantage of this format. But don’t fear, it’s never too late to get in on the podcast game, in fact, the time has never been better. 

1. Podcasts Are More Popular Than Ever Before 

In the age of instant, quick, and easy information, the long form style presented in podcasting has never been more popular. 

If you are looking for ways to engage potential customers in an accessible way, look no further. Businesses of all kinds are starting podcasts to engage their customers on a more detailed and personal level. 

Many major companies have already gone all in on the podcast strategy, and the outcomes have been more than worth it. The makeup retailer Sephora to assist in their #Lipstories campaign, launched a podcast to tell the stories of their creators and consumers. The workplace communication tool, Slack, has also launched a podcast called Slack Variety Pack. This podcast covers the stories of the everyday lives of individuals who work in American tech companies and has been met with huge success. 

2. It’s Easier Than Ever

With easy to use microphones selling on Amazon for less than $100, creating a high-quality podcast setup is affordable and simple. Some podcasters are even simply using their phones or headphone mics to get started and it’s creating surprising results. 

With the help of Anchor, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and many more, tech sites are making it more and more easy to get your podcast up and running so you can entertain and inform your target audience. 

3. Demonstrate Expertise 

There is no better way to show off your knowledge to the masses than to do so in a podcast. And if you learn to share your knowledge in an engaging manner, you’ve created something that will set you apart. By engaging your audience on a regular basis, you get them to think about your brand often, which keeps them coming back. 

A podcast episode can be organized in a variety of ways. Many podcasts are in a conversational format, where two or more individuals will simply discuss the ins and outs of a given topic. Many podcasts will also feature guest interviews. They will bring in an outside expert to give their two cents on a topic. 

Podcast episodes can also be organized in a narrative format, sharing the stories and anecdotes of inspirational or humorous experiences of consumers and creators.  

4. High-Quality Wide Reach

Podcasts are now available on most major music streaming sites, such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube. People are looking for ways to 

Usually, the type of people who are seeking out podcasts about your chosen topics are typically well-educated, knowledgeable consumers. Particularly if your podcast covers a niche subject, you can expect a wide range of quality impressions among potential consumers. 

5. Expresses Creativity and Innovation

People listen to podcasts to be informed and entertained. So it’s important to keep your podcast creative and unique. This is a platform where you can–and should–explore different avenues and possibly find your next niche for your brand. 

Podcasting can be information in its simplest form. However, it’s wise when creating podcast episodes to have a variety of formats and topics to attract new listeners and keep existing listeners engaged. 

You Need a Brand to Have a Podcast 

To truly reap the benefits of creating an engaging podcast, you first have to create a brand to attach it to. This is where Big Red Jelly can help. We specialize in creating iconic, distinct, eye-catching brand voices to make your product or service stand out above the rest. 

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