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Photography, Videography, Social Media, SEO, Web Dev, Strategy. Unbeatable Prices.

Video & Photo Production

Sit back and watch us create the best visual content your business has seen yet. Don’t worry, our prices are unparalleled.

Social media management and strategy

Professional content, positioned on the right platforms, targeting the perfect audiences.

Web Development and SEO

Your “home base” deserves more attention. Bring the right customers and audiences to your online platform than ever before, period.

What’s with this Big Red Jelly?

The original Big Red Jellyfish was discovered in 2003. However, it had existed long before then. It has lurked for thousands of years: Undiscovered. Mysterious. Only a handful of specimens have ever been seen in the wild, yet in the depths it thrives–efficiently.

We are Big Red Jelly. While we may appear to be a young company, we are not new. We wield a combined expertise in marketing and brand building decades in the making.

We are nimble, we are streamlined, and like the Big Red Jellyfish, we are, very, efficient. Every member, every movement, every appendage has a purpose, fine-tuned for excellence. Anything that doesn’t contribute to the hunting of prey has been trimmed away.

The Big Red Jelly formula means great ideas, quick execution, and personalized tactics, for a defined end-goal at an unparalleled price. The (Big RED) Jellyfish is the most energy-efficient animal on earth, and we strive to match it every day: no client is “lost in the shuffle”, and no opportunity is too small to pass up. We believe any brand can be mind-blowing if you have the right tools.  Your marketing is about you, not us — we win when you win.  

We are Big Red Jelly. What’s your brand?

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The Warriors join the MLR (Major League Rugby) and bring professional rugby to the beehive state.

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An hommage to our roots, Orem, Utah.

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This is Salt Lake City, so much more than just home to the “best snow on earth”.