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Big Red Jelly Recognized as One of the Most Reviewed Design Agencies in Salt Lake City

By April 15, 2022July 12th, 2022Branding, Design, Marketing, Small Business, Success Stories

Big Red Jelly is a provider of digital experiences to help businesses elevate their branding. We’re a go-to partner to medium and enterprise companies looking to improve their operations through close collaboration. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve been recognized as a leading company on a B2B platform. The Manifest is a market research resource that highlights top companies, and we’re named as one of the most reviewed design agencies in Salt Lake City!

For context, let’s take a look at the timeline of events at Big Red Jelly:


Josh Webber founded Big Red Jelly to support growing brands through comprehensive digital solutions. Since 2017, we’ve been working with multiple companies with a people-first approach. Our goal has been to build meaningful relationships with our partners and, as a result, achieve amazing results. Our clients inspire us day by day to keep aiming for greater heights as we help them hit their targets.


Metafraze is a language server protocol platform that partnered with us for web redesign solutions. We were tasked with redesigning their existing website which was clunky in accordance to their rebranding efforts. From there, we identified the client’s specific needs for the new site. We’re happy to report that we’ve delivered a clean, responsive, and contemporary product that Metafraze envisioned.

“Their processes were impressive! They make it easy to capture our needs and requirements, and they were able to implement them into the new design.”

— Aaron Alder, Owner, Metafraze


The Manifest names us among the leading design companies in Salt Lake City, and we’re truly honored to receive this award!

“As a growing company, we’re honored to be recognized as one of the top branding firms in Utah. During the pandemic, we niched down and focused on what we do best: branding and web design. To have our specialty recognized is a huge accomplishment. We have the best clients and have loved every project we’ve worked on the past year!”

— Josh Webber, Co-Founder, Big Red Jelly

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