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Murals, Wood Burning Art, Logo Design or UX/UI: Empowering Personal Creativity

By October 11, 2022May 26th, 2023Blog, Branding, People, Success Stories

What fuels your creativity? As a designer, it can be easy to burn out when you’re constantly working for someone else, trying to WOW them. Taking time to explore different mediums to create has its own benefits. To name some, creativity can boost mood, and self-esteem, and alleviate stress and anxiety. It’s important to focus on empowering your own personal creativity. Whether your art form of choice is painting, sculpting, doodling, etc.. you can empower your personal creativity to shine through.

I specifically LOVE murals, wood-burning art, and logo design. I really enjoy working with clients to deliver a unique logo design or mural; I also love spending time by myself creating a wood-burning piece. No matter the medium, you can allow your personal style to shine through. If you gave two artists the same task, there will always be a different outcome, because everyone holds their own individual style.

So let’s talk about personal creativity and style. It can be easy to feel lost or stuck when designing for someone else, or comparing your work to others. Perhaps you’re struggling with imposter syndrome, or you’re not in a creative mood, or your client isn’t happy with your own work… that can be daunting, and it can cause you to feel burnt out. Empowering your own creativity by recognizing your own style and strengths within design will allow you to push through this.

As much as I love logo design and murals, sometimes I get stuck and feel burnt out. Sometimes, I don’t feel creative or that I am delivering the best I could. To get past this, I will create without a reason and allow myself to make mistakes in art. I empower myself through experimentation and trusting what I create. By empowering my own creativity through different mediums, it allows me to explore different styles and different ideas, allowing me to become a more confident, empowered, and creative person.

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