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Products to Pixels: Is E-commerce Right for You?

By March 23, 2023August 1st, 2023E-Commerce, Marketing, Small Business

The web is becoming one of the best places to sell products and promote businesses worldwide. But what about your business? You may be considering entering the e-commerce world but are still determining whether you should. Here are a few questions to ask yourself before deciding whether E-commerce is right for you:

Can I Ship This?

It may seem obvious, but shipping ability ought to be your first consideration, as the success of your online business hinges on it. After all, what’s the point of having a store that only delivers broken products–or worse–can’t deliver them at all? 

Perishable or extremely delicate products may not hold up in the often harsh shipping process. Packaging heavy, bulky, or unwieldy items can be especially difficult. Consider what precautions you must take to guarantee your product makes it to your customers in one piece.

So if you want to sell delicious, freshly-baked, gourmet cookies, online ordering or a partnership with a food delivery service might be a better solution than shipping.

Where Is My Audience?

One of the most prominent perks of e-commerce (and the internet in general) is the removal of geographic limitations. With the proper setup, you can market and sell to anyone, anywhere! So, where is your audience?

If your target market is out of reach, then e-commerce could be the perfect way to reach them! People won’t have to visit your brick-and-mortar store; they can have it delivered to them. On the other hand, if your business is very local, or if it’s easy to get something similar to what you sell elsewhere, a widespread customer base might not be your highest priority. However, that doesn’t mean having an online store would be detrimental.

It’s also beneficial to consider the audience’s behaviors and habits. If your target market spends a lot of time on social media or websites, selling online might be the perfect way to make contact. Finding where your audience is and what their habits are will be crucial to help you know where and how to sell.

How Will the Shopping Experience Change?

Online stores have many pros; with product photography and organization, customers can quickly peruse different styles, variations, and prices that might be harder to do in person. You can also include reviews and other information to guide customers’ decisions. 

However, users are limited only to what they can see on the site. Making a helpful purchasing experience might require extra work, like uploading videos. Like an actual store, e-commerce sites require maintenance and effort to ensure users can easily browse and view your site. 

Get Started with Big Red Jelly

Now is a great time to evaluate your business and decide if you are ready to enter the growing world of e-commerce. It’s easier than ever to start selling online! Check out Big Red Jelly’s Build services; we can seamlessly hook you up with a Shopify site or another site of your choice and get you started on your e-commerce journey.