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Top 5 things you should know about designing a logo

By August 22, 2022October 10th, 2022Blog, Branding, Technology


Salmon River White Water business cards mockup brand and logo design - Big Red Jelly brand style guide


Why do businesses need a logo? A logo communicates a visual identity of a business vision, values, and quality to customers. If a logo looks unprofessional or sloppy, potential customers will make snap judgments because the design turns them away. A good logo should be eye-catching, memorable, and convey the brand’s vision.

1. Brand Identity

In making a logo, the first step is identifying your brand’s identity. This step provides an effective blueprint for building a business logo. Determining the specifics of the brand messaging, values, and personality gives direction for the design step of making a logo. That information will also be important in identifying visual and internal components that distinguish brands from each other. 

2. Design the Message

Throughout the process of designing, ask questions that bring the business back to its identity. Does the logo reflect the business nature? Will the target audience like it? Do the colors communicate the right message? The design should convey the brand message. Questions like these will help narrow the focus down to determine what the audience should understand from the logo. If the messaging is confusing, people will turn away.

3. Choosing Colors

Pick the colors for the logo, wisely. Color is a visual communication tool that influences moods and impressions. When choosing the colors, choose so that they reflect the values of the company or even the provided service. Red is a color that symbolizes passion and energy (ex: Marvel logo, Netflix, CNN), while blue symbolizes serenity and calmness (ex: AT&T logo, Twitter, Oreo). 

Companies such as Netflix embody that red color of their logo by providing a streaming service that is high energy and exciting, while Oreo evokes a calming memory of the blue color when eating their product. Whether it’s through their streaming service or using childhood memories, both of these companies effectively use color to convey the emotions they want their customer to feel.

4. Picking Fonts

A business should never pick fonts randomly. Typography visually portrays a brand personality with the same effectiveness as a symbol logo. Fonts and typography are ways to stir up feelings and emotions in people without them being actively aware of it. So, moving forward the aesthetic of the font should match the messaging and the typography should reflect what the brand stands for. For example, an elegant retail brand could use serif fonts to convey their classy nature and products.

5. Time for a Redesign

Sometimes a logo just needs new life to its design. A business might find this step helpful as they find that their audience or messaging has changed from what it used to be. Trends and interests change all the time, businesses should be able to adapt to the changes to retain the customer base. If the logo seems to be outdated, or look old, or the target audience has changed in recent years, then rebranding is a viable option to take. Especially if the logo doesn’t align with what the values, messaging, or audience are of the brand. Then rebranding the design of the logo could revitalize the brand and become more attractive to customers. 

What can Big Red Jelly do for you?

When a brand approaches Big Red Jelly with a desire to design a new logo, a “discovery” call will be scheduled between the business and a Big Red Jelly brand specialist. In this call, the specialists will learn more about the brand; background research, brand personality, and how to approach their niche audience. After solidifying a brand direction, the information will help prepare the specialists with drafts for the next call to present sketches of logo variations. Our brand specialists’ will provide guidance to clients about design choices and strategy. Throughout the process, revisions between the brand and specialist will continue on weekly calls until both sides have decided the logo and message is refined.

Hopefully, you now understand a bit more about designing an effective logo for your brand. If you’d like more insights into helping out your brand, contact Big Red Jelly today and find out what we can do for you and your brand logo.