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Grow Your Dental Practice!

Effective branding, web design, and marketing automation to help your dental practice stand out and grow!

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Combine a captivating brand with a powerful, fully automated website and watch your dental practice grow!

Enjoy working with our US-based, in-house team of branding, web design and marketing experts to take your dental office to the next level.

Brand Positioning

We complete thorough market research to better understand your patients, strengths, opportunities and more to best position your practice for future success in your local area.

Brand Design

Stand out from the crowd and get a professionally developed brand that attracts all the right patients to your dental office. This includes brand messaging, brand design, content creation, brand refresh and more. 

Brand Implementation

Our brand strategists work closely with you to implement your branding across all of your online platforms to ensure that your online channels and marketing material are all cohesive, consistent and captivating. 

Web Design & Development

We can bring your custom dental office brand to life through a powerful and automated website. Your website is the central online hub for your dental office and should be seamless and enjoyable online experience for future patients to book appointments with your dental office. 

Marketing Automation

Your website will be connected with the best cutting-edge marketing automations and online tools for dental offices, including: online booking, live chat, CRM software, online lead magnets, mobile responsive features, embedded google maps, and more!

Website Support & Strategy

You deserve a collaborative, friendly and proactive brand and web support team. Let us manage and grow your brand and website, so you can get back to managing and growing your dental practice and doing what you love!

Our Proven Branding and Web Design Process for Dentists Like You!

Big Red Jelly team collaboration - digital marketing, brand development, and website design.

Brand Research and Discovery




Web Design & Development


Online Tool Setup


Web Support & Strategy

1. Dental Office Brand Discovery

Too many other agencies and dental practices will jump straight to brand design or marketing and advertising without first completing the most important phase: Research and Discovery.

We will gain a better understanding of your local area, customers, patient desires and opportunities to position your dental practice strategically within the market for more efficient and effective growth.

  • Custom brand questionnaire
  • Market research
  • Industry and competitor research
  • And  more!

2. Dental Office Branding

First we start developing your internal branding, this includes refining your brand vision, mission, unique selling propositions and brand voice.

When your dental office has a clear and concise internal brand, the external brand messaging, copywriting and brand design becomes more clear and straight forward.

  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Visuals
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy

3. Dental Office Web Design and Development

Your dental website should be captivating, powerful, fast and convert website visitor at a high level! We don’t use website templates, so your website design and flow will be 100% unique to you and and your dental practice!

By combining the best website platform with the cutting-edge online dental tools and captivating UX/UI design, we can create a highly effective and powerful website that will help your dental practice gain more patients than ever before.

  • WordPress, Wix or Shopify web design
  • Expert UX/UI design
  • Online tool integrations
  • Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop

4. Dental Practice Online Tool Setup

We setup your dental office tech stack to ensure that your online experience is as smooth and enjoyable as possible for your future dental office patients.

We connect your website with tools like: online booking, live chat, dental office electronic waivers, and more!

  • Online Scheduling
  • Online Waivers
  • Reservation reminders and confirmations
  • Text message marketing
  • Mobile optimized
  • Google My Business setup
  • And more!

5. Dental Practice Web Support & Strategy

You need a proactive and friendly web support team that you can rely on, so you can get back to managing your dental office and doing what you love. Our team will be familiar with your brand, content, mission, vision and website, so we’ll be the perfect team to help you grow and scale your dental office like never before.

  • Web Support
  • Brand Support
  • Content Marketing Help
  • Digital Marketing
  • And More!
Custom Design

Your new logo design will be 100% custom and unique to WHO you are

All Logo File Types

You’ll get logo variations in color, formatting and file type so you can apply your logo correctly across your business.

Brand Strategy

You’ll receive so much more than just a logo. Our Brand Strategist will develop your logo brand strategy too.

Brand Implementation

Work with our Growth Strategy team and share your logo correctly across all online platforms and attract more ideal customers.

Is your brand and website helping your dental practice grow?

Don’t miss out on any more sales. Get a captivating brand, website and online tool suite that you can be proud of!


Shared Values Account for 64% of Brand Relationships


A ‘Signature Color’ for Your Brand Boosts Recognition By 80%


You Have 7 Seconds to Make Your First Impression

Your Dental Office Deserves 5 Star Design Service

And we’re a 5 star dental branding and web design agency!


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Coach MJ


Sebo Marketing

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We absolutely love working closely with our dental clients to bring their vision to life through effective branding, design and online platforms. With the right brand and online foundation, your dental office will attract more patients than ever before!

Naomi JohnsonBrand Strategist

The Big Red Jelly Difference

Our proven Brand, Build, Grow process guarantees that your dental practice will have the foundation it needs for marketing, advertising and growth success. Our experts work closely with you to develop that foundation that you need to experience sustainable growth for your dental practice for decades to come. Your future success starts with a clear and captivating brand, modern website and effective marketing automations. With these pieces in place, you will begin to experience marketing success for your dental practice like never before.

Our team is ready to serve you and take your dental office to the next level. We are experienced in the dental industry and have all the right certifications and tools to help you succeed including: WordPress verified experts, dental CRM software experts, Hubspot inbound marketing experts, Google Analytics certified, branding specialists and more!

From brand new dental offices to large dental office chains, we have the right package for you



Brand Foundation
Custom Logo
Brand Style Guide
Start-Up Website




Brand Foundation
Custom Logo
Brand Style Guide
Brand Messaging
Online Tool Setup
Standard Website




Brand Foundation
Custom Logo
Brand Style Guide
Brand Messaging
Brand Implementation
Print Asset Mockups
Online Tool Setup
Pro Website




Brand Foundation
Custom Logo
Brand Style Guide
Brand Messaging
Brand Implementation
Social Media Style Guide
Business Brand Assets
Online Tool Setup
Advanced Automations
Advanced Website


Is your current website holding you back?

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  • See what’s missing on your website
  • Identify online tools you should use
  • Important web design fundamentals
  • Easy tips to increase your conversions

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