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3 Essential Things to Do to Get the Most Out of your Internship

By November 6, 2023People

For the past year I have been running the internship program here at Big Red Jelly. I have interviewed, brought on 5 groups of interns throughout this year. It has been an awesome experience and I have loved working with students at all stages of their academic career.

Throughout this process I have learned quite a few Dos and Don’ts for students and recent grads or really anyone looking to get an internship, succeed in an internship and really make the most out of an internship.

1) Ask Questions

The first thing you should be doing is asking questions. During an internship interview, asking questions is a crucial component of the process that goes beyond demonstrating your curiosity; it showcases your genuine interest in the role and the company. Asking thoughtful questions allows you to gain deeper insights into the organization, its culture, and the internship itself. It can help establish a rapport and a sense of teamwork, as it conveys your willingness to collaborate and contribute effectively. It signals to the interviewer that you are not just seeking any internship but are committed to finding the right fit.

Not asking questions in an interview can lead to several poor outcomes that can negatively impact your chances of securing the position and your overall understanding of the role and organization. One of the most significant drawbacks is the missed opportunity to demonstrate your genuine interest in the position and the company. Interviewers often interpret a lack of questions as disinterest or lack of preparation. This can leave them with doubts about your enthusiasm for the role and the company, potentially leading to your application being overlooked in favor of more engaged candidates.

2) Make Yourself Known

When embarking on a new internship, one of the most crucial steps to ensure a successful experience is getting to know the team and making yourself known to your leaders. Building relationships with your colleagues is essential for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it fosters a positive work environment and a sense of camaraderie. A well-connected team can provide a strong support network, where you can seek guidance, share ideas, and collaborate effectively. This sense of belonging not only enhances your job satisfaction but also contributes to your overall productivity and job performance.

Moreover, getting to know your leaders and making a positive impression is vital for your professional growth within the organization. Developing a strong rapport with your supervisors and higher-ups can lead to more opportunities for mentorship and guidance. It also enables you to understand their expectations and align your efforts accordingly. By proactively introducing yourself and demonstrating your enthusiasm and dedication, you can set the stage for a more successful and enriching internship. In the long run, the connections you establish within the team and with your leaders can significantly impact your career development and open doors to future opportunities within the organization.

3) Leave the Position Better than You found It

Leaving an internship in a better state than you found it is a mark of professionalism and a valuable contribution to the organization. A crucial part of this is ensuring that you properly finish your projects. It is essential to complete your tasks to the best of your abilities and meet any deadlines or milestones that were set for your work. Handing over projects that are well-executed, organized, and documented makes it easier for your team to continue or build upon your work.

Expanding your LinkedIn network at the end of your internship is a valuable practice for various reasons. First and foremost, it’s an excellent way to maintain professional connections. These connections can provide you with insights and opportunities within your industry and can serve as references or sources of recommendations when you seek new positions.

Additionally, requesting recommendations from your colleagues or supervisors can add weight to your LinkedIn profile and job applications. A well-written recommendation can highlight your skills, accomplishments, and work ethic, strengthening your online professional presence and enhancing your credibility in the eyes of potential employers.

Internships are incredible opportunities to learn, gain professional experience, and build your network to help you get the job you want post graduation. But joining an already successful and working team in an unfamiliar environment can be daunting, and feel nearly impossible. Following these 3 things and implementing them into your internship program will help you to get the most out of the position.

Here at Big Red Jelly we have 3 internships that you can apply for, a digital marketing internship, web design and website building internship. With a program that is entirely controllable by you, and  flexible schedule this is an awesome opportunity for you to implement the above 3 things to truly get the most out of your internship. Feel free to send your resume to!


Written by Christina Romano