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Choosing A WordPress Theme

By August 4, 2022September 14th, 2023Uncategorized, Website, Zach Webber

Choosing a WordPress theme can be pretty daunting. There are thousands of free themes and even more premium themes. Use this post as a guide to understanding WordPress themes and what to look for in a WordPress theme.

What Are WordPress Themes?

WordPress themes are packaged files, templates, and structures that help you to organize your visual content on your WordPress website. Many themes can help make sure that your website branding stays consistent throughout your website, for example; many themes can assign universal colors and fonts throughout the site to make sure that users and visitors on your site have a cohesive and stable brand experience. Usually, premium themes will come with many pre-sets, templates, or guidelines for your content. Premium themes are a great way to ensure that your website looks professional with all your content.

Free Themes

Through a standard WordPress installation, you have access to hundreds, even thousands of free themes. Usually these free themes are either extremely open and allow users to create using popular builders like Gutenberg or the Classic Editor, or they can be pretty restrictive or structured. A more structured theme isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially when getting started, relying a pre-templated theme or structure can help you understand the basics, dive deeper into structuring out your products, services, conversion funnels, and more.

Premium Themes

With spending a little extra on a premium theme, you can gain access to professionally designed template, more user-friendly builders and tools, and premium support. Lots of WordPress premium themes use common WordPress website builders like divi builder, beaver builder, WPbakery, and more. These builders have been around for a while and are all very user friendly as you get started building your own website.

If you want to explore some premium themes that come with those builders you should try exploring the Envato Market.

Envato does a great job of making the purchase, installation, setup and support of premium WordPress themes as easy as possible for the end user. click the link below to start exploring:

What Are Themes Lacking?

No matter your choice of WordPress them, whether a custom built theme, free theme, or premium theme. Something that none of them come with is an eye for design. Before jumping into your website design, you should familiarize yourself with conversion rate optimization strategies, call-to-action strategies, basics of design, and web design fundamentals to make your website experience as smooth as possible. If you want to collaborate with Big Red Jelly on your next website project or just want to strategize, contact us today or join one of our webinars or in-person workshops!