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Five Tech Web Design Trends for 2023

By January 16, 2023January 17th, 2023Blog, Design, Technology, Website

As we’ve elaborated in a previous blog, a website’s design is never really done. Websites are like cars, they need care, maintenance, and sometimes complete reworking or replacement to perform at their best. The internet has become an all-encompassing presence in our lives, far from the early wild-west days of it. An effective presence online is critical for nearly any company these days, and having a website that stands out from the rest, one that utilizes the latest tech features can really boost engagement of your audience. We’ve done some looking and here is what we feel are the top five web design trends for 2023.

Interactive Elements

You want your website visitors to feel involved in your digital space, rather than mere onlookers. Giving your website visitors ways to interact with your product or service will help them to be more informed on what you’re all about. While there’s been debate on if the ‘Metaverse’ will end up being just another experimental buzzword, many websites effectively incorporate virtual reality and augmented reality elements. If a visitor can examine a 3D model of the product you offer, they’ll likely feel like they’re making a more informed purchase decision.

Viewing Mode Selection

You’ve likely heard of Dark or Night mode for websites, where a typically white or brighter background can be swapped for darker black or gray elements. As so many screens surround us in our daily lives now, users will appreciate the option of a darker theme that’s easier on the eyes. Some also just prefer the aesthetic of dark mode. More and more websites beyond social media are offering this option for their users, and it’s a feature that’s definitely noticed and used among many.

Parallax Scrolling

Ever been to Apple’s Website? Check out one of the product pages and start scrolling. You’ll likely find animated and expanding elements as you scroll rather than just a typical page descent. Websites with changing text and visual elements as a user navigates through it can make the site feel more alive. Users are compelled to keep scrolling when it results in instant and striking visual changes on the webpage. In the age of social media where scrolling has become a natural way of navigating, providing an experience where exploration directly impacts dynamic design elements will inspire users’ curiosity.

Nostalgic Theming of the Earlier Internet

They say trends don’t die, just go into hibernation for a bit to eventually make a return later. Y2K and even 90’s web aesthetic is making a bit of a comeback as of late, with a number of websites incorporating the visual language of the earlier internet while presenting them with modern design sensibilities.

This theming need not be a permanent switch, but could also be used as a temporary theme switch to generate enthusiasm among users. For example: marketing company Attentive implemented a 90’s feeling retro theme on their website for the holiday season.

Digital Maximalism

In contrast to the simple and clean look of minimalism, maximalism uses bold and intricate designs that have as little empty white space as possible. They can incorporate custom text, illustrations, and graphics for a theme that promotes a powerful brand statement.

Maximalism doesn’t just mean a jumbled mess of things, thoughtfulness must still be applied to make a design cohesive. Sometimes restraint can be applied, even minimalist elements incorporated, while still utilizing a dynamic and intricate look.

While this overstimulation language in design can have bold appeal, it’s important to be careful to ensure a website has wide accessibility. Having an accessibility mode or ensuring that your bold design is still in keeping with readability is advised.

Web Design Is Ever Changing

Trends come and go, and what’s considered modern shifts often in the digital landscape. It’s important to ensure your website’s design and functionality reflects the kind of image of your business you want to express, while taking into consideration expected and appealing factors.

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