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How to Design the Best Logo Possible for Your Brand

By March 22, 2021May 19th, 2021Uncategorized

There are roughly 582 million businesses in the world today. Hundreds of thousands of companies are being created each year. So, how does one get recognized in this competitive business world? This is a huge debate among the world of entrepreneurs. A good way to start is to be thinking about your logo. Your company’s logo is your brand, your identity, it’s how customers recognize their favorite brands and who they know they can trust. The importance of a logo lies in many different aspects. There are three questions you should ask yourself when determining whether a logo is a good fit for your business. Is it simple? Is it recognizable? And is it unique?

Is My Logo Simple?

Look at the clothes you’re wearing and find where the logo is. Notice the symbol. It may just be the name of the company. Logos don’t have to be complicated. In fact, they shouldn’t be. Your logo defines your company as if it’s a fingerprint. You want it to represent how your company is different from everyone else’s. There’s something amazing about the complexity of simplicity. Let me talk about what I mean by that. Look at the Nike swoosh. In Greek Mythology, Nike is the winged goddess of Victory and the logo symbolizes one of the wings named, ‘Swoosh’. It’s a symbol of speed, movement, power, and motivation. Seeming it’s a sportswear company, whose motto is, “Just Do It” it’s a perfect fit. Although the logo is simple, it holds so much symbolism. It’s a genius logo and the company is one of the most popular companies around.

How can you know if your logo is simple? A good practice to have is to sit down with someone who hasn’t seen your logo yet. Show them the logo for roughly 10 seconds, then ask them to draw it. Or, if you have kids, ask them to draw your logo. If they’re able to get close to the logo or roughly get the general idea, then you’ve got a simple logo.

Now, not all logos have symbols. Some companies just use their name and put a unique font on it. The same goes for those logos to make sure it’s simple. This simplicity helps people recognize it. Remember, on a computer screen when you’re scrolling through the internet, the logo’s are small and tougher to see so you’re going to need it to be simple enough that you don’t lose detail on the computer screen or on your signs or everything you’re logo will be on in your business.

Is My Logo Recognizable?

When you’re driving to work in the city, you’ll notice you pass by a lot of different businesses. The first thing you’re going to see is the logo plastered on the street sign or at the top of their building. Since you’re passing by these businesses at 40 mph, or 45 mph if I was behind the wheel, those businesses only have a few seconds to be able to be recognized within the crowd of signs and logos. That’s the same concept when people are on the internet. When they’re searching for a product or service or they’re looking for a specific business, they’re scrolling through the vast abyss of the internet. The thing that’s going to help your business get noticed is your logo.

Your logo is meant to be recognized by your customers for many different reasons. That logo is what’s going to give them an emotional feeling of, “I trust this company’. They’ll subconsciously remember how they felt the last time they used your service or bought your product. Think about your favorite restaurant for example. Every time you pass that restaurant and see their logo, you’re going to have an initial reaction. What you felt is the feeling you want your customers to feel every time they see your logo. When they’re looking on the internet for a new product and briefly scroll past your logo, they aren’t pulling out their calculators and making an excel spreadsheet to exam the pros and cons of using your business. They’re finding emotion. When they’re on the internet and scrolling past all these companies, they’re remembering their emotions they felt when they last used that company. Emotions linger and the recognizability of your logo will trigger those emotions. If your logo is hard to recognize, those emotions wont immediately trigger and there’s a higher chance they’ll scroll passed your website.

A way to determine whether your logo is recognizable, is to shrink it or step away from it until the image is roughly half an inch or the  size of the tip of your thumb. Can you still see it? Can you still see most or all the detail of your logo? If so, then it’s recognizable. If there’s a lot of detail you can’t see, then make some tweaks. This will go well with making sure your logo is uniquely yours.

Is Your Logo Unique?

I guess its probably common sense to have a unique logo. However, the question is, how do I know it’s unique and how to make it that way? I understand it’s tough because like I’ve said, there’s 582 million companies out there with unique logos and designs so, how can you make your logo ‘yours’? I once helped make a logo for someone who wanted a logo for her photography business. The first question I asked her is, “what are you taking pictures of?”. She said she does photography for Freestyle Motocross, aka FMX. So, I started thinking about bikes, then I asked about the name of her company and what she wants her company to stand for. It gave her a lot of thinking to do but, we then started talking symbols. The reason I share that with you is because your logo can’t just be a clip art of a camera for a photography business or it would look like a lot of other businesses. Remember, your logo defines your business like a fingerprint, and it holds a lot of meaning behind what your company means. So, for example, look back to the discussion of the Nike logo. It has nothing to do with clothes or sportswear for that matter. However, it has everything to do with what the company stands for. Remember your story, remember how you wanted to start the business, think about who you are as a business owner. What do you stand for and how would you want to be remembered? Look at your slogan, your name, your business promise to your customers. Remember you’re creating emotion with this image and the best way to do that, is to compile what your business means in a simple, recognizable, and unique image. I know it’s tough and it’s difficult to be able to not only come up with this image and

how to make it. However, the work you put in deciding your logo will carry on for many years and you’ll be using this every day in your company. After you create the logo, you then will have you customers notice you and remember you. Whenever you have a happy customer, that customer will forever recognize your logo and remember how good they felt when they used your service and those emotions will be triggered whenever that logo pops up on the internet, on the street, or in their email. It’s difficult but, we can help you with creating your brand and identity.

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