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I had the chance to interview Big Red Jelly’s growth manager and specialist Bailey!

By March 1, 2023August 1st, 2023People, Success Stories

Bailey is a senior at Brigham Young University and uses her skills and knowledge gained there to her role as Growth Strategist to help develop plans with clients to ensure they take these new online tools and grow their business. 

So Bailey, what about Big Red Jelly caught your eye, and why did you want to come work here?  

So I’m in advertising at BYU, and I worked doing in-house advertising for a couple different companies, but I’d never worked in an agency setting, whether it’s like web design or whatever, so I was kind of on the lookout for some agency experience and I found Big Red Jelly.

What are your favorite aspects of working at  Big Red Jelly?

I feel like the company itself is just very organized and direct. Everything, you know what the process of Big Red Jelly is immediately from the first call. Clients are just very aware of what they’ll be doing. And because it is a niche, it’s a very specific type of agency, we’re really good at what we do. Direct, organized, and just very good. But these are very good people who are working on these websites.

During your time at Big Red Jelly thus far what is a skill or strength that you have developed here? 

Knowing web design. I feel like, obviously, you still learn every day, but just it’s really, really beneficial to know things about how to work a website, what a website builder is, versus a domain, versus hosting, versus integration. All these things are very helpful in real life and beneficial. I’ve already had several people ask me about their own website, whether it’s like their portfolio or their business or things like that, just for advice. I think it’s really interesting.

What has been a highlight in your career that you are proud to have accomplished here at Big Red Jelly? 

Working with clients to help them continue growth, whether that be through marketing strategies or website strategy, building their online business, things like that. There’s been a lot of refinement within the process of that. So I feel like obviously while I’ve been here, I’ve been in charge of that refinement. Now that we have a more solidified process of how … No, you’re good. How we’re handling the growth strategy process with clients, that’s what I’m most proud of. The timeline of everything is just really coming together and it feels like it flows a lot better.

What opportunities have you had here at Big Red Jelly to improve and further develop your professional skills? 

I think it’s just… It’s good. It’s like a good amount of challenging. It’s challenging, but it’s not overwhelming. I feel like it’s good to have client-facing, and everyone here is client-facing, even… For some reason, the implementation, they face clients as well. I feel like it’s helped me in a way, I get to learn a lot about the creative side of advertising and marketing, but I also get to learn a lot about the management side, the sales side or the client-facing side.

It was such a great opportunity to get to know Bailey and learn all about her role here at Big Red Jelly. She is such an awesome teammate who takes challenges head on and loves to learn and continually develop her professional skills. Learn more about Bailey and the rest of the team here!