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Is Instagram Threads the Twitter killer? Think again.

By July 20, 2023July 21st, 2023

With the explosive rise of Instagram Threads, many believe Twitter will become obsolete. For more than 10 years Twitter has reigned supreme as the Micro- blogging and discussion app of choice for more than 350 million users. On the other hand, Threads has had a meteoric rise, garnering 107 million users in a single week. However, I would contend that while both apps offer communication and connection opportunities, they serve different needs and cater to different groups of users. In this blog post, we will explore why Instagram Threads won’t replace Twitter and how each platform maintains its individual appeal.

Core Functionality

Instagram Threads is a messaging app designed for sharing photos, videos, messages, and Stories with close friends. It prioritizes privacy, making it easy to share ideas within a select group. Twitter, on the other hand, is a microblogging platform encouraging public conversations and the sharing of concise thoughts. The core functionalities of the two platforms differ significantly, catering to two distinct groups of users.

Nature of Engagement

Twitter thrives on open conversations and engagement with a wide range of users, including public figures and people with shared interests. It facilitates real-time discussions and the exchange of ideas, opinions, and news. Instagram Threads promotes more private and personal interactions, allowing users to share content in a more private forum.

User Base and Demographics

In my opinion the #1 reason that Twitter is here to stay is due to the fact that Twitter attracts a broad user base, including journalists, politicians, and celebrities. In recent years Twitter has become the go-to forum for politicians and celebrities to share their thoughts and opinions. While Threads has a large user base, it appeals mostly to a younger demographic and focuses on visual-centric content, such as lifestyle, fashion, and personal experiences.

Content Structure and Discoverability

Twitter’s algorithm is just better. It excels in surfacing trending topics and hashtags, making it easy for users to discover and engage with relevant content. This allows users to quickly find conversations and join discussions that are relevant to them. While Threads offers a Discover page, it primarily highlights content from a users’ existing network. This makes it harder to engage with discussions outside of your immediate network.

In Conclusion

Instagram Threads and Twitter serve unique purposes in the social media landscape. Instagram Threads provides a private space for sharing content with close friends, while Twitter fosters open, real-time conversations on diverse topics. Instead of replacing each other, both platforms coexist as valuable tools for communication and self-expression. While Threads has seen great initial success, I contend that it will not topple the reigning champion: Twitter.