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The Average Age of BRJ’s Team Might Surprise You

By December 3, 2021Leadership, People, Success Stories

Big Red Jelly has a team of young and enthusiastic professionals. Our team consists of men and women in their 20s – the average age being 24 – and we believe that having such a young team is our biggest strength. Some oppose the idea that having a majority of your staff consisting of Millennials and Gen Zs is a good idea; however, we have found that each of our 17 members contributes to the success of Big Red Jelly in a different and unique way due to their young, adaptable age. You can get to know our team better here.

What is so special about working with a young team of professionals? Let’s take a closer look at both generations and their unique characteristics. 

Millennials are people born between 1980 and 1995. Currently, this generation makes up the largest portion of the US workforce. Millennials are well familiar with the internet, social media, and various gadgets. At the workplace, Millennials are always seeking career growth and self-development. They are not likely to stick with a job if it doesn’t allow them to improve and grow. This generation is highly motivated, loves challenges, collaboration, and is always willing to master skills they are not familiar with.

Having a team of young employees can be advantageous because they can bring a different perspective to the company they are working for. Millennials are creative and outstanding thinkers, so they are really good at generating new ideas that attract new audiences. They are constantly trying to find new ways of doing things, which drives their success. Personal development is important to Millennials. They are constantly trying to succeed, grow professionally, and improve their skills. Millennials might take longer to adapt to new internet tools when compared to Gen Zs, but they are much faster and more efficient than Gen X or Baby Boomers. A key characteristic of the younger generations is that they are eager to learn how different tools and strategies work.

Good teamwork skills are in demand nowadays. According to, previous generations (think Gen X and Boomers) are considered more of “The Me Generations”; however, Millennials present themselves as “The We Generation.” Millennials love teamwork because of the social interaction it provides. By working in a team, this generation feels more connected to the organizations they work for. ​​In the article “7 Ways For Millennials To Work Effectively Across Generations” the author shares various ways that can help build a strong team that consists of people of different ages. If you have various generations working together in the same environment, and you want them to collaborate well together, foster an environment that encourages collaboration, supports teamwork, and educates your team on what unique strength each generation has.

Gen Z are people born between 1996 and the early 2010s. Currently, they are the youngest generation working in the American workforce. This generation consists of tech-savvy people who can’t imagine their life without technology. Gen Zs are born during the greatest technological advancement, making them rely on technology in their everyday lives. They are the first “digital native” generation. At the workplace, this generation is very career-driven, hardworking, and competitive. Gen Zs are also excellent multitaskers. Older generations observe this generation as ‘glued to their phones’ – constantly messaging with each other, checking social media, etc. Many see this as a weakness, but this ability to multitask on a screen is a huge strength and makes this generation efficient problem solvers. According to Forbes, because Gen Zs are so used to working with different apps and technologies, multitasking and switching between various tasks come naturally to them.

When it comes to Generation Z there are several misconceptions older generations have. People tend to assume that Gen Z always favors online communication like texting or FaceTiming instead of meeting people face to face. Although this generation grew up with the technology boom, Gen Z still prefers face-to-face communication, especially when talking about something important or personal. A study conducted with 1,000 full-time and part-time employees in the US showed that Gen Z is more likely to use face-to-face communication than Millennials. When they do communicate online, they do it faster than any other generation because they have all the power of technology in their hands. In the workplace environment, it lets them communicate all the matters easily and quickly. Gen Z tends to put high importance on relationships at work. They need to have a good relationship not only with their coworkers but also with their boss. 

Having a young, adaptable team working on your company’s website and branding will help you appeal to the largest purchasing power demographic (millennials) and the upcoming generation of purchasing power (Gen Z). We could not imagine Big Red Jelly without each of our awesome team members, as each of them contributes to our success and our clients’ success in unique ways. Here at Big Red Jelly,  we are working in the foundation of the digital world: web design and branding. Big Red Jelly is constantly involved in the latest and greatest discoveries, uses of technology, integrations, designs, etc. Our team consists of tech-savvy Millennials and Gen Zs who can quickly pick up new developments. Younger employees are good at understanding and using collaboration to the company’s advantage. Here at Big Red Jelly, teamwork is a crucial part of the work environment. Our team enjoys the social environment of our office and they would not give that up.