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The Exploding Utah Foodie Scene

By September 30, 2018Uncategorized

Food isn’t just something we eat, its a hobby. Especially for us foodies. We love to take pictures of our food, try new food, and even cook delicious food. We just love food!

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So being in a community that has the same passion for food that you have, makes being a foodie even more fun. You get to post and share your pictures and experiences with other food lovers, and even learn about new places that just have to go on your “try next” list. Being apart of the Utah Foodie Facebook group gives you a place to get the latest information about the ever growing Utah food scene. This group was created for the sole purpose of spreading great news, updates, insights, and opinions about Utah’s growing local food scene.

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Utah is currently booming with fantastic restaurants that some foodies don’t even know about.  Did you know that people come from all over the country just to try the food from places like La Callie, Market Street Grill, Cucina Toscana, etc. and they are right in our backyard! Utah is also equipped with incredible, breathtaking scenery that just completes a supreme meal. Take a look at La Callie for example? Not only do you get this mouthwatering food, but you also get to enjoy this spectacular view.


There are so many place like this in Utah and having a community to share it with makes it even better. So share your pictures and share your experiences, cause trust me, we all want to see them!