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What Makes Brands like Nike and Apple so Successful?

By November 15, 2018May 27th, 2023Uncategorized

Successful brands, like Nike and Apple, tend to have these 5 marketing strategies in common:


  1. Be Different

Every brand needs what marketer’s call “noticing power.” Nike is successful because they have their iconic catchphrase and celebrity endorsements. This power has the ability to grab people’s attention, make the product stand out, and rise above the competition. The brand Vans gained this power with their special design. Their shoes have a unique waffle feature on the sole to help skateboarders and became their signature element. This design makes it easier for skateboarders to manipulate and control the board, and distinguishes the Vans brand from competitors.

  1. Keep it Simple

Why is Nike so successful? Their “Just Do It” slogan is simple and concrete (and very powerful, as explained in this article by Single Grain). The products and brands that stick around are the ones that are meaningful and useful to people. It ‘s important to remember to keep the design and overall experience of your product or service simple. Google, for example, is the top search engine because it is easy to use and has a simple design. This combination appeals to the heart and the head of customers. In other words, the simplicity of your marketing can have a tremendous effect on their emotional and rational opinions of your product or brand.

  1. Constant Innovation Leads to Success

Nobody wants to be a supporter or advocate of a brand that is no longer relevant. This is a very big problem for companies that can’t seem to keep up with the constant innovation that surrounds them. It is vital for these struggling companies to focus on their signature product, the product that typically brings in the most revenue and work on innovating it’s key benefits.

  1. Have a Trustworthy Spokesperson

The beauty of advertising in the world of Social Media is that brands no longer need a “famous” person to be their spokesperson to establish impressive credibility. When marketing with a spokesperson, it is beneficial to focus on a product that is adored by a small group of people. This small group of people that have a passion for your product can essentially become your marketing team, but you wont need to pay them to do work for you! Find the people that are passionate about your brand and make sure their voices are heard.

  1. Do Not Create a “No Go” Logo

A “no-go” logo is a logo that tries to catch the eye but is too busy. It could also be a logo that doesn’t have any meaningful symbolism. The more simple your logo, the more people will wonder about your company’s values and message. The Nike logo is a simple checkmark, but it is renowned globally. Remember your logo does not represent your brand, the logo is just a way for people to recognize it.


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