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Lyndsie Oreno

Brand Director and Build Strategist

Born and raised in Utah, Lyndsie naturally loves the mountains and enjoys camping and hiking. She currently lives in Logan while attending Utah State University, working as the Director of Branding at Big Red Jelly fully remote. She loves listening to EDM, weightlifting, writing, and taking her motorcycle out for a spin with her friends. One of her biggest strengths is being an intent listener, aiming to translate each client’s passion for their business to life within their unique brands through their visual identity and voice. She consistently aims for personal and professional growth and pushes her skills with every new project to make it her best work yet. You’ll find her easygoing and down to earth, and her optimistic attitude is infectious, making collaboration with her a breeze.



Brand Strategy


UI/UX Design


My Areas and Tools of Expertise

3 Best Logos Ever Made

What drives your work?

I have a deep belief that to be creative is to be human. I thrive off of others creativity because it also fuels my own, and being surrounded by co-workers and clients who inspire me everyday is something I cherish. I love forming deep connections with those I connect with and discovering what we can create together!

What’s next in the world of web building?

As more businesses are being built and created every day, separating yourself and standing out is more important than ever, and businesses are starting to see that. The design world was largely seen as separate from the business world, but I think they’re starting to merge as businesses realize that design creativity extends to creative strategy as well. Combine that mindset with the human connectivity and passion of Big Red Jelly, and you have a recipe for business success.

Big Red Jelly team - Provo Utah - Brand, Build, Grow

Work With Us!

Growing your business doesn’t need to be complicated. With Big Red Jelly, we make it as easy as one, two, three: Brand. Build. Grow.

My Promise to You

I promise to listen. I believe that creativity is in everyone, and I want to be here to simply translate the creativity of your business into a tangible brand. Your business is a part of you and should reflect all the uniqueness and creativity that will help it flourish and grow, so you will always be an active collaborator throughout the process.

What My Clients Are Saying

McCain Kennedy
SetFire Creative

Gail Owusu
Opoku Catering 

Michelle Johnston
Coach MJ

We loved working with Emma and Lyndsie at Big Red Jelly. They applied themselves to learning about our business and helping us get a great logo design. They were responsive when we had questions, and thorough in all the work they did for us. Thanks to all at Big Red Jelly!!

Maura CantwellBusiness Owner

Sierra and Lyndsie helped us design our website logo with Emma taking the lead on the website design. Right from the beginning, all the different steps with logo and website design went very smoothly with excellent inputs. Really helped us to visualize the entire concept in a very professional design setting.

S GuptaBusiness Owner

While building a brand style guide, Mallory and Lyndsey would ask open-ended questions to understand my vision for the company. I found asking for the drafts a day before the weekly call would help streamline the design process. During the calls, it was effortless to work with both Mallory and Lyndsey, as anytime I had an idea, they could build upon it or help me redirect my approach.

Mapping Our ThoughtsBusiness

Thank yNaomi and Lyndsie are very professional, incredibly polite and very eager to get projects done correctly and on time. We couldn't be happier with their work.

Chris RavstenBusiness Owner

I had a great experience with Big Red Jelly and working with Zach. He was very patient with us and helped stay focused, on track and directed us to maximize our site. The value for the cost was exceptional. I highly recommend them.

Monte HarrickBusiness Owner

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