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From part-time Digital Marketing Enthusiast to Advanced Client Build Strategist: 3 Skills Mallory Learned in Her First Quarter at Big Red Jelly

By September 14, 2022September 22nd, 2022Blog, Branding, Design, Leadership, Marketing, People, Success Stories, Website

Learn what ingredients are needed to sear success

Mallory Denison, an amazing team member of Big Red Jelly, has made an impressive impact in her nine months here. I had the great privilege to sit down with her and learn about her journey. Her experience and insight are informational and motivating to those looking to grow in their respective field of work. There are specifically 3 skills that helped her reach success.

1. When did you start working here?

Answer: I started working at Big Red Jelly at the end of January 2022.

2. When you were first hired, what marketing skills and experience did you already have?

Answer: It was very convenient for me because I had just taken a bunch of classes the previous semester on website design, how to create websites, and simple coding. Because of those classes I kind of already had a “leg up” on what we do here in designing and all of that. I have always just loved the creative process of creating things whether it was drawing or writing. So, it was really cool to come to a job where I could do both of that. 

3. How long did you work part-time before becoming a full-time Advanced Client Build Strategist?

Answer: I would consider the part-time work as the training process, so that is typically 2 to 3 months. My part-time fell around 2 months and that is where I shadowed people and really got to know my coworkers. It was also the biggest time I learned. After those 2 months, I just jumped two feet into the pool, and I was full-time. I was working with clients and really appreciated the trust they had in me to do that, because it helped me learn and gain a sense of responsibility. 

4. What is another skill you quickly developed during your training?

Answer: A skill, I think that is really important, that I learned really quickly here is just soft skills. Just really working on talking with people and understanding them. When we are working with clients over phone calls or Zoom it can kind of feel disconnected. So, we implement Loom videos, which is kind of a walk through. It gets your face on there, so you feel like you’re being talked to, and it builds a relationship. Also, no one wants to work with someone who feels awkward or doesn’t feel confident in what they’re saying. When you present and design you want to be confident in it and also have facts to back it up. We aren’t just building designs because they look good but also because they are strategized, and they are going to help people become successful.

5. What was your biggest challenge when you started working at Big Red Jelly?

Answer: Speaking of confidence, that was something that I had a hard time doing. If someone pushed back a little on a design I had I would just say, “Oh yeah, you’re right you’re right”, even though I knew I designed it based on fundamentals and it wasn’t just there because I thought it looked good but there was a purpose for everything. So that was something I had to work on and something I am still working on now, just presenting it with total confidence and knowing that I’m an expert in my industry and they’re an expert in their industry. 

6. What was another skill you learned that helped you avoid stress and become successful?

Answer: I learned how to use Google Calendar religiously. Literally, that saves me all the time! Because a lot of times you’re like, “Yeah for sure I can do that”, but if it’s not written down or put in your calendar, it’s forgotten. So, to avoid stress, you really need to plan.

7. What has been your favorite part of working here at Big Red Jelly?

Answer: I have two things. In regard to the job, my favorite part is being able to do what I love. You know in college people are like, “Pick what you want to do for the rest of your life… Pick what you love”, and so coming to Big Red Jelly it encompasses all of what I like to do. Writing, drawing, creating websites, and just designing things to help other people out. It’s amazing, you’ll see people’s websites and be like, “Oh my gosh it looks like it was made in the dinosaur age, how is this working?!” It is just so fun to help someone elevate their credibility online. Then, as far as working for Big Red Jelly as a whole, the environment here is just unreal. Everybody is so kind and willing to help. It’s a very team-oriented environment. We have a lot of collaboration and it’s encouraged. I really appreciate that, and I never feel like I can’t ask a question or ask for help.

In Conclusion

What an opportunity it was to spend time with Mallory and learn from her. Much can be learned from her experiences partnered with her hard work. Her success recipe can be summed up in 3 takeaways. 

Takeaway #1: BE CONFIDENT! Similar to many of us, Mallory put in the work to become an effective and efficient worker. Although she had the abilities and experience, she needed to be successful, she struggled to trust herself. However, her effectiveness and success only grew as she confidently believed in herself. Confidence has proven to be the first ingredient for Mallory’s impressive success.

Takeaway #2: SOFT SKILLS ARE VITAL AND IMPORTANT! Mallory’s experiences prove that collaboration is key to higher success. In a world full of computers and video calls, it is more important than ever to connect with others. Mallory’s skills and expertise could only help others by first connecting with them. Her growth in this area has greatly affected her success as an Advanced Client Build Strategist.

Takeaway #3: PLAN! As important as it is to have marketing skills and experience, Mallory presented the skill of being organized as the last ingredient to success. Her last 9 months prove that working smarter is better than working harder. Becoming successful is predicated on maintaining organization. 

To learn more about the services that Mallory and other Big Red Jelly team members provide to brand, build, and grow businesses, visit the link below!

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