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Breaking Barriers in Branding

By June 20, 2023Branding, People

Learn about the amazing team that is driving real creative growth for small businesses all around the world.

A brand encompasses the unique aspects that set a business apart from its competitors, defining its identity and shaping how it communicates with the world. Through collaboration and thoughtful design, the brand team at Big Red Jelly brings this story to life, ensuring that every element of a brand’s representation aligns seamlessly with its core values and resonates with its target audience.

Brand building refers to the strategic activities and efforts undertaken to discover the brand’s personality. Ali, Bri, Mallory, Chloe, and Bethany make up the all-women team of brand strategists here at Big Red Jelly. This group of talented individuals brings a unique perspective and a fresh approach to branding. Their shared passion for creativity and design allows them to collaborate seamlessly, resulting in powerful branding for clients.

The Small Agency Advantage

Working at a small agency like Big Red Jelly offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides a much more hands-on and collaborative work environment. Each team member has a greater voice and authority in their projects, allowing them to contribute their unique ideas and expertise. The emphasis on teamwork fosters a “family” feel within the agency. Additionally, working closely with clients and team members allows for more personalized interactions, creating a stronger connection and understanding of what they need. However, there are also challenges associated with working at a small agency, for example carrying a substantial amount of responsibility can be overwhelming at times. 

In comparison to large corporations, small agencies have the advantage of being more focused and specialized. Working at a small agency allows our brand team to cater specifically to client needs and have the flexibility to take risks and push creative boundaries. When asked what types of things our brand team would like to see in the future, some mentioned they would like to see animated logos and more risk-taking. 

Human Creativity

As AI has become more prevalent recently, our brand team has recognized that it cannot fully replace the power of human creativity and connection in branding. AI can help with generating ideas and overcoming creative blocks, but it falls short when it comes to writing personalized and unique brand messaging. Despite the advancements in AI, there is an undeniable value that comes from human creativity, understanding, and the ability to establish meaningful connections with clients.

To stay creative and on top of industry trends, the brand team actively engages with various forms of media and platforms. They draw inspiration from billboards, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, and fellow creators in the industry. Canva, with its versatile templates, is one example of a valuable resource that allows them to customize and make designs of their own. Additionally, some find inspiration through reading, especially from other people’s blogs, and seeing what they are doing in the field of branding and design.

Collaboration is at the heart of our creative process. Here at Big Red Jelly, we believe that great ideas emerge through shared insights and different perspectives. The collaborative environment of an agency allows team members to bounce ideas off one another, brainstorm, and collaborate on projects. 

If You’re Interested In Getting Into Branding, Here’s Some Advice

Gain experience by taking on small or unpaid projects and build a strong portfolio. Find your passion within branding and pursue assignments that excite you. Continually seek opportunities for learning and professional development, and stay updated with industry trends. Network with professionals and engage in relevant communities. With experience, passion, and a proactive approach, you can set yourself up for success in the field of branding or digital design!


Written by Kate Crane