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Learn more about Big Red Jelly’s new interns!

Recently, Big Red Jelly accepted six new interns to the team. Internships are a great way for students or graduated students to gather experience and confidence in a working world. As a new intern myself, I decided that it was time to get to know more about these new interns and what it is they hope to be one day.

Big Red Jelly digital marketing strategy, website maintenance, and brand development for small businesses.

The Interns

First is Jacob. Jacob is attending Ensign College and will graduate in Spring of 2023. After graduation, Jacob would like to begin working as a full-time digital marketer. In the future, he’d like to start his own business with his wife. Since he started interning at Big Red Jelly Jacob has been working with the marketing team and his mentor Connor building portfolios for the build projects.


Macray attended SUU and graduated last Spring 2022. Since his graduation, Macray has been working to gather experience to eventually start his career with Big Red Jelly or prepare him to find another job to start his career. For the future, he hopes to have his own business that allows him the flexibility to travel. Currently, Macray is helping Big Red Jelly out with branding projects alongside his mentor Mallory who has been providing great one on one help and guidance for his success. 

Hannah is attending BYU-Idaho and will graduate in the next two years with a degree in Virtual Design and Construction. For the moment, Hannah is open to a lot of different paths after graduation as well as her future career aspirations, ranging from remodeling, architecture, and design. With Big Red Jelly, Hannah is working with her mentor Chloe on website edits, brand messaging, and how to work with Adobe Illustrator for designing logos.

Josh is attending UVU and will be graduating by December with a degree in Marketing. After graduation Josh hopes to take a little time off and celebrate finishing school with a vacation. One day, he hopes to transition from being a digital marketer into marketing analytics. As an intern at Big Red Jelly, Josh has worked with his mentor Ashton to keep marketplaces on Wix and Clutch optimized and will begin a new SEO project with another intern. Even though Ashton has been out of office recently on vacation, he’s kept in contact with Josh to help him feel comfortable asking for help when he needs it. 

Jack attended the U of U and graduated with a bachelors in Strategic Communications. For the future he hopes to work in marketing and this internship at Big Red Jelly is a step into achieving his goal and gathering experience. Jack hopes to one day work for a company full-time that is open with their employees in terms of maintaining a work-life balance and providing adequate time off and compensation. Currently at Big Red Jelly, Jack is working on producing content for the Jelly Web Services site and other pages for various clients. His mentor Sara has been a great guide to helping him figuring out the next steps to his task but provides enough room for Jack to figure out the rest on his own.

My name is Mary and I’m attending BYU-Idaho and I will graduate in Spring of 2023 with a degree in Communications. After graduation, I want to begin to work in marketing or managing a brand’s social media content. One day in the future, I’d like to work for an animal sanctuary or a zoo and manage the social media content for them. At Big Red Jelly, I’m working on writing articles for blogs and with my mentor John we work on planning content for social media sites. I’ll also be starting an SEO project with Josh. 

Big Red Jelly opportunities

All of us interns are so grateful that Big Red Jelly accepted us into their program to help us gather experience and help us start on our career paths to achieve our aspirations for the future. For more information about the internship program and other opportunities at Big Red Jelly, check out the Big Red Jelly site or email to learn more.