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The Power of Color in Brand Identity

By January 21, 2022Branding, Design, Marketing

When you go shopping, what factors influence your purchases? Maybe it’s the price, quality, or familiarity of a product. You may be surprised to know that another factor is pulling more weight than you think: color.

Why does color matter in branding? 93% of buyers focus on a product’s visual appearance, and a staggering 85% of people buy a product because of color! Why is this aspect of branding so powerful? The intentional use of color is essential to convey brand identity and emotion. Seeing a product or brand’s color instantly and subconsciously influences our feelings about the product. The chart below lists emotions that different colors produce, and helps us understand why a company may choose to incorporate certain colors over others.

Here are a couple of examples where brands effectively use color to evoke specific emotions:

Red spurs excitement and feels youthful and bold. Nintendo, Coca-Cola, and Lego heavily use red in their TV ads and product packaging. Red is also used to stimulate hunger, which is why many fast-food restaurants implement shades of red into their logos.

Green is associated with health and peace, so it’s no surprise that Whole Foods and Starbucks integrate green and earth tones to convey these feelings to their consumers.

Blue evokes trust, dependability, and strength. Ford, AmericanExpress, and Boeing effectively use blue in their product design to help consumers understand their companies’ professionalism and values.

As you design your brand’s visual identity, understand what emotions you want your customers to feel. Choosing a color that evokes those emotions will strengthen your brand identity and resonate well with your customers.

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